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Serenity & Despair

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Since first catapulting on to the scene in 2015, The Resistors have consistently touched audiences with their, melodic, compelling and vigorous music. The band, Alex Jet (lead vocals, lead guitar), Max Neovox (vocals, rhythm guitar), Dani (bass, backing vocals) & Darren (drums, keyboards) formed in Geneva on their college bench. Following an immediate success of their first demos, “Enemy” & “Good Enough”, they have recently recorded their first EP at the Downtone Studio.

« We named our band after the fact that we don't have basic guidelines for how we work or what we compose. We each bring our own touch to our songs, while staying true to ourselves. This is what resisting is to us, what being a Resistor is. ». evokes Max

The quartet have most noticeably played at, the Theatre du Leman, Fete de la musique (Post-Tenebras Rock) and the Fete de la musique de Genève. They were also the finalist of the Rock O Battoir and Vernier Sur Rock contests.

Their EP “Serenity & Despair” ‘s release is scheduled for the end of 2017, but before that they will dispute the quarter finals for the Music City Tour on November 2nd. Be sure to check them out on: (YouTube, Facebook...)

Stay true, be a Resistor.


Upcoming dates

No upcoming gigs scheduled yet.

Past Dates

La scène locale envoie du lourd ! Genève, CH30 October 202122:30
Finale - Emergenza Genève, CH08 June 201921:00
Quart de finale - Emergenza Genève, CH15 December 201823:00
Demi-finale Music City Tour Genève, CH06 October 201823:20
Barakason Genève, CH28 April 201821:30
Festival Baleinev Yverdon, CH 27 April 201821:30
L'abri Genève, CH14 April 201822:00
Soirée Biocale Genève, CH 17 March 201800:00
Daily Rock Christmas Party Genève, CH22 December 201723:59
Quart de finale Music City Tour Genève, CH02 November 201720:00
Finale tremplin Vernier sur Rock Genève, CH07 October 201723:00
Rock O'Battoir Palézieux, CH23 June 201720:20
Fête de la musique Nyon Genève, CH17 June 201715:00
Demi-Finale 3 - Vernier Sur Rock Genève, CH20 May 201723:00
Animations estivales des Minoterie Genève, CH02 July 201618:00
Fête de la musique (Balexert) Genève, CH24 June 201620:00
Fête de la musique - Scène PTR Genève, CH17 June 201619:30
P'tit rock festival Genève, CH28 May 201621:00
Rupteur Fucking Concert Genève, CH05 December 201521:00
Remise des diplômes HEG Genève, CH26 November 201519:00


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